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ZAI-MU expresses things in a simple way, merging concepts such as point, line, and plane into bags, with which eyes can be directly perceived to everything on earth. The design enhances sensory pleasure and simulates soul resonance as well. Whether at work, party, or travel, it is bright and incredible. Therefore, ZAI-MU selects high-quality raw materials in the world, uses traditional hand-made crafts, and perfectly deals with details. Just as a flow of art cells, ZAI-MU let owners more confident, charming, and unforgettable.

Making people never forget at one glance, one can be vividly forever. That’s the meaning of ZAI-MU.


Quality is never an accident. It is always the result of intelligent effort. We spend most of our time and energy for good design and to achieve high quality. Every single detail from material to technique is thought through with obsessive attention. If our product doesn't satisfy you, we'll take it back.